Testimonials from a few of my recent students

 How does one come to describing such an outstanding teacher ? Mr Hawley is the reason why I have gained back my confidence in maths . His methods of teaching are fantastic, they are interactive and really , as a student it's hard not to focus , it's hard to daydream in class . He makes everything so much more interesting . I still use the notes he gave me to help me through my IGCSE years . I don't know what I would have done without him . And I dont remember one time where I walked out of his classroom without fully understanding the material. Out of four tests I managed to achieved 100% in three of them. I have had the privilige to be in his class , and I really can't thank him enough .



Throughout my school years , there have been several teachers in my life that have made a huge impact on my education. Mr Hawley is without doubt one of them . Math has always been a weak subject for me but I never thought I’d enjoy lessons and excel so much at this subject through his help . I didn't get a single B - only straight A’s.  To this day , I still remember everything he taught us . He inspired us , taught me to never give up , and urged me to ask whenever I was stuck on any question . In fact , He gave up a lot of his free time to help me and my friends out and I can’t thank him enough



Mr. Hawley is an excellent teacher in all aspects of teaching. He was my teacher in an accelerated A2 maths course, and through his well-planned lessons, we completed our vast curriculum with ease. As a teacher, he has a thorough understanding of the subject, evident through the different approaches he takes when explaining the solution to a problem. Whenever we needed help on a topic, Mr. Hawley was very approachable, and explained both the question and the theory behind it to prepare us for exams and add to our learning experience. His good sense of humor as well as discipline helped me achieve my potential in my exams, and his role as my Head of Year for five years added to my personal development. Thank you, and good luck Mr. Hawley



Mr Hawley was my head of year in year 7-11 and when I got into the Sixth Form I was lucky enough to have him as my C3, C4 & S1 teacher. For 5 years he was dedicated and worked very hard ensuring that we were comfortable, learning and working to the best of our ability as our head of year. When I had him as a teacher, in year 12, he ensured that each student understood each concept and took the extra mile if you still didn't. Not only does he teach us each topic with care and patience but he makes sure that we have the skills and ability to answer each possible past paper question. I feel confident going into these exams and understand that if I still have any concerns he will go above and beyond trying to help my classmates and I get the best possible exam grade.



I have known Mr Hawley for over 4 years, and he is a truly inspiring man. His detailed knowledge of Mathematics, particularly the AS and A-level syllabuses in addition to his brilliant mathematical techniques make him the ideal source of Mathematics tuition. His teaching technique, diligence and care for his students gave me the confidence and necessary knowledge to do the best I possibly can in my Mathematics A-level. 



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by Neil Hawley